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A credit/resource journal for me
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15th-Oct-2006 07:26 pm - Icons
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4th-Oct-2006 11:37 pm - Request Rules
I thought I should add a list of rules to use when requesting from me.

So here goes:

1.) Reply to this post or head over to thecotillion and post a new entry with the heading : Request for momma_chas @ TC
2.) Please provide the following info when requesting:

Your Name:
A link to the entry you are requesting from:
If requesting from photobucket account, please provide link to item requested here:
Text you want:

For blends/colorbars:
Which one:
Links to (5-7) high quality pics (may be less if a blend):

If I've forgotten anything, please add it here:

3.)Be patient, I can sometimes be slow due to my work schedule and having an almost 3 year old daughter.
4.)Credit is a must.
5.)Hotlinking is eh, I usually don't delete my photobucket - it's too complicated, and I usually just use the examples I've made for people on my example page. However, just in case I'm feeling froggy and do decide to delete, it's probably a good idea for you to save it yourself.
6.)You are not required to join this community, however, if you're feeling froggy and would like to keep up, etc, feel free. Right now it's moderated, cause I'm like that.
7.)Um, I can't think of anything else to add.
8.)Oh yes, I just did, please comment when you've picked up. That way I don't wonder, hey did so and so actually pick up.
9.) Makers can feel free to snag any of the pixels you'd like. I don't require credit, cause hey I mostly got them from sayclub or something. However, if you snag a base I've made for icons, please credit, and comment.
10.)Have fun!

I guess I should add in here, I'm not too good with blinkies. I love to look at them, but making them hurts my eyes. I've tried one, and it didn't turn out too swell.

If you wanna snag one of the colorbars/blends I have made. Please feel free to do so. Please comment and credit if you do. Also, if something is marked as "custom" in the subject, please do not snag these. I have made these for people who have requested them.
29th-Sep-2006 08:23 pm - Icon bases by me
I made these to use as bounce in bases

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29th-Sep-2006 08:20 pm - Bounce In Icons
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